Auto & Truck Repairs & Diagnostics for Kamloops Drivers

Our service list is comprehensive and includes repairs on brakes, brake pads, fixing steering issues, engine repairs, oil changes, suspension, engine replacements, and much more!

Engine Diagnostics

Why Run Diagnostics?

Diagnostic tests are always our starting point for helping give car owners peace of mind. They are specifically designed to detect errors or malfunctions in the components and integrated systems of a vehicle before they can lead to more serious safety concerns. Diagnostics check on the different systems and components inside a vehicle, and pinpoint potential issues before they arise. These tests are the best ways to ensure optimal performance and safe driving. Whether it’s a warning light, or a regular maintenance visit, or you want peace of mind before a road trip, we will complete the tests quickly and give you a call with a reliable estimate.

Pickup Truck Upgrades

We offer small truck upgrades like suspensions, accessories, lift kits, trailer hitches, roof racks and installing TONNEAU box covers. With our specialized know-how and reliable customer service, we can help you transform your small truck into the vehicle of your dreams. Every upgrade we provide is built with the utmost attention to detail and manufactured with only the best quality materials. With our impressive array of small truck upgrades, we guarantee satisfaction every time you visit!

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